Thursday, September 13, 2007

One *#%$ing word! AAUGH!!!

So the Lodge scheduled my 1st degree proficiency during the tail-end of the August Stated Meeting. I had it down pat. No mistakes. Over & over I would go through it with L., and G., respectively.

I showed up at the pre-meeting dinner, then went over & over the entire thing in the foyer while the rest of the Lodge had the Stated Meeting. It was at this same meeting that my friend, K., from my post “Good friends, great meal” was voted upon and approved as a candidate. Anyone who's worried about the future of Freemasonry definitely isn't hanging out with Mission #169... That night they voted & approved a total of FIVE new candidates, that month alone.

At the end of the Stated Meeting, they called down to the 1st Degree, G. came out & took me into the lodge. I was seated in a chair, and...

=== snip ===

OK, it's over. I'm so ticked at myself right now... So close to perfection, but missed it by one flipping word. I used a synonym. AARGH!!! I knew it as soon as it came out of my mouth, but the damage was done. I just had to complete it as is.

Afterwards, so many brothers approached me saying how they were impressed with my performance, but that one mistake was the only thing that I could think about. More than one guy came up & said that it was the best proficiency they'd ever heard.

Umm... Wow.

I'm proud of what I did, and I couldn't have done it without my coaches... But it's a little embarrassing & very humbling to hear people gush at you like that. You'd think with all the performing I've done, I'd get used to people wanting to give their praise, but it still feels a little uncomfortable.

Next thing I knew, a buzz started going around about me & 'going up the line,' saying that I had a aptitude for ritual & should go for it.


Yeah, I've had fantasies of becoming an officer and helping bring Masonry into the next century, but now that I'm faced with it; it's very intimidating. It's a huge responsibility that I could be taking on here. I can only hope that with the guidance of my elder brethren I won't %@#* up.

Lastly, by the time we wrapped up & were leaving the Lodge, they already had my degree ceremony set for (get this...) September 11th.

A couple of days later I received notification that in addition to doing my degree on September 11th, due to my performance of the proficiency, they scheduled my 3rd degree two weeks later, on September 25th. We're hosting a Lodge visitation for our sister Lodge, Oakland-Durant-Rockridge, and the powers that be thought that nothing could be better than performing a 3rd degree for them. (gulp!)

So... That would leave me 14 days to learn the 2nd Degree proficiency.

Holy crap!

What've I gotten into???


I'm not really worried; heck, if I can learn a 4 hour opera (in German) in 4 weeks, I can do this.

...I think

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