Monday, October 1, 2007

Grand Lodge – Day 2:

I woke up early, as Grand Lodge was supposed to start at 8:30am today (Saturday). I again, took a cab to the Masonic Auditorium, and ran into R., Mission #169's Secretary again. We had just enough time to get a coffee & danish when we had to go into the main hall for the meeting.

Shortly later, we were joined by most of the officers, including the Worshipful Master, and our most recent Past Master (now an inspector). The best thing, was that R. sat right next to me & was there to answer any questions that I had & could explain what & why certain things were happening.

There were a number of legislative items that were voted upon, and it reminded me a lot of watching C-SPAN, with people speaking for & against certain measures.

We then broke for lunch, and all of the people from Mission Lodge were treated to a meal over at the Fairmont Hotel.

*** OK, I have to say that this was really overwhelming for me. The Fairmont is one of the most exclusive places in SF; and I was feeling out of place. I mean, rich people stay & eat there...

OK guys...

Do you remember during the 1970's on 'Sesame Street' that they had a song about “One of these things doesn't belong???”

Yeah, I felt a little like that... LOL... I know we're all on the level & everything... But, DAMN!

I had a great time & just basked in the moment. I also got to talking with a couple of members of the lodge whom I had a periphery acquaintance with, but have become good friends with them.

These are self-made men, and this was a perfect example of how being associated with types of guys can teach me how to become a better man. ***

As the lunch was finishing, the Worshipful Master said that Mission #169 was going to be recognized at Grand Lodge on Sunday, due to the fact that we gave a $10,000 gift to the “Grand Master's Project.” So, that was a huge honor for us, getting recognized like that, and our own Worshipful Brother K., ended up representing the whole Lodge up on stage in front of the whole auditorium.

After lunch we went back to the Lodge Auditorium & they finished doing all of the legislative processes, and proceeded to elect next year's Grand Lodge officers. R. gave me a play-by-play on exactly what was happening & who was what & what their story was, so I understood what was going on.

We then finished the proceedings for the day (2 hours early!), and R. & I did one more once-through the exhibition hall before he drove me home.

I changed my clothes, plopped on my bed & took a nap until about 9:00pm.

Long day, but it was awesome!

Stay tuned, Grand Lodge ends tomorrow...