Sunday, June 17, 2007

Waiting a time with patience... Hurry up, dammit!

March, 2007 -- During the 'off-time' I had until getting contacted by the investigation committee, I did what I had always done... I pretty much lived my life. Working. Reading. Going out. Every week or so I'd talk to my friends who were my references. “Have you heard from any of the Masons yet?” “Nope, nothing. I'll let you know as soon as I hear from them.”

After looking around all over San Francisco's bookstores, I finally got my hands on John J. Robinson's A Pilgrim's Path. Now, I already own two of his other works: Dungeon, Fire, & Sword, and Born in Blood, both of which I read shortly after their release. What I found interesting about Robinson was that after doing all of this research into the Knights Templar & Freemasonry, he was so moved by the people and organization that he himself, became a Mason.

A lot of his historical premises I don't really abide by, but what I really admired about this guy was his guts to stand up to the anti-masons and tell it how it was. A Pilgrim's Path, was an effort to dispel a lot of the unfounded rumors and outright lies that have been waged against the Freemasons over the years to discredit them. Whether or not you like the guy, I think the best response comes from George W. Bush: “They [the anti-masons] hate us for our freedom.” The people who really hate Masons are typically fundamentalists who are trying to create a church-state here in America, or the conspiracy theory whack-jobs who are convinced that what they saw on the X-Files is about to happen for real!

Enough of my ranting... I've got a phone call...

“Mr. Sarastro? Hello, I'm XXXX from Mission Lodge and I was appointed to meet with you as part of the investigation committee. When would you like to meet?”

Hell, yeah. My adventure begins.