Friday, September 14, 2007

The Initiated Eye:

After working all day Wednesday (2 days ago), I decided to go to The Initiated Eye exhibit over at Grand Lodge. It took a couple of transfers on the Muni transit in San Francisco to get there, but I arrived around 6pm.

I talked to J., the guy at the front desk, and he gave me some pointers. There is a video near the back of the exhibit about Emile Norman, the guy who created the mosaic at Grand Lodge, then I walked around the Masonic artifact cases where they had a number of different Masonic items, some which they pulled from the rubble of the 1906 earthquake. I think two items were the most impressive: There is a sword, which was in the fire so long, that the heat fused the scabbard to the blade. You can still see the guy's name engraved on the sword. Secondly, there's a Past Master's jewel which is all charred & disfigured, and right next to it is another jewel; I think it's a Senior Deacon's jewel, but there's not that much of it remaining to tell.

There were quite a few tracing boards hung on the walls, and an entire wall with beautiful historic aprons on them, some with intricate embroidery on them.

Added to all of this, is the main part of the exhibit: Paintings by Peter Waddell. I don't need to describe them, I'll let his amazing work speak for itself.

Check out the exhibit; it's really quite amazing.

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