Sunday, August 26, 2007

The Verdict:

April 5th: Success!

After talking with @@@ and ###, respectively, I knew that it would be a couple of weeks 'til the next stated meeting.

That date came & went, so I knew that it was a matter of time until I hear from the Lodge, one way or the other. Although I knew that it was mainly a formality, I still was nervous. From what I now understand, certain Lodges (mine included) prefer that if a brother has a problem or reservations about an applicant, they should bring it up with the Worshipful Master privately. If there truly is a problem, the application is pulled.

That being said, that doesn't stop any person from dropping a black cube into the ballot at the moment of truth.

Be that as it may; it didn't happen with me. (whew!) On April 5th, I received a letter notifying me that I had been accepted, and that my 1st Degree was scheduled for the 2nd Tuesday of May.

It's funny; in the letter they sent out, they were very careful to reassure me against any rumors that I may have heard... For instance, they were quite emphatic in saying that there is no goat, and no goat riding thereof in any of the ritual.

Umm... Okay.


It then sunk in how much how much mis-information and outright lies there are out there, if they have to go so far as send letters saying 'there are no goats, nor goat riding involved with the ritual'.

I can only shake my head.

...but, woo hoo, I'm in!

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